Ludo : The Dice Game


Play parcheesi with friends or on your own


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Ludo : The Dice Game for Android is an excellent way to enjoy the beloved classic board game: Parcheesi. Now you can play with other players, sharing the same device, or against other online players via AI. From your settings options you can pick how many players you want to play with: from 2 to 4. Plus you can choose which colors you want to play with.

Game controls in Ludo : The Dice Game are as per usual, so most players will likely already be familiar with them. But, just in case, the game comes with an instructions manual including step by step details on how to play parcheesi. Summing up, this game is centered on simply moving four pieces around your board before your opponent. Plus, no harm in tripping up their efforts along the way, right?

Ludo : The Dice Game is plain and simple fun, much like real parcheesi. This particular adaptation is designed with digital platforms in mind and proves a successful migration of a classic board game to virtual matches, so much so, in fact, that you and your loved ones are sure to be hooked for hours.

Android 4.1 or higher required

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